March 24, 2014

Dr. Zoubir DENDANE, Algeria

In this testimonial, I’d like to show my satisfaction and support for the journal IJLL – in which I’ve had an article published – and for IASET journals as a whole. I express my gratitude for the editors’ hard work in reaching high academic levels through this global forum of research. Indeed, everything in their editorial work attests of innovation in the review and distribution of scholarly research production. I also appreciate the editors’ email responses and quick service delivery, as well as the publishing and printing quality.

Wishing to publish more with IASET.                                                 

Dr. Zoubir DENDANE,

Dept of Foreign Languages,

Tlemcen University,


March 24, 2014

Dr. Omar Qarani Aziz, Iraq.

1.      International Academy of Science, Engineering and Technology (IASET) can be considered as one of the preferable scientific international journals.

2.      Editorial board members are selected from different countries and different universities which is a great advantage.

3.      Accuracy is very good.

4.      Service delivery and mail responses are excellent.

5.      Very Flexible in accommodating requests.

6.      Quality of publishing & printing is very good.

Finally I would like the journal to be one of the most important scientific journals and raising its impact factor (JCC) values. 


Omar Qarani Aziz

Assistant Professor

Ph.D in Structural Engineering.


March 24, 2014

Dr. Sajid M. Sheikh, Botswana

International Academy of Science, Engineering and Technology (IASET) is doing a great job in the research arena. The response time including review and publishing is really great. The journals are of high impact factor (JCC) of International Standard with an Editorial Board from across the world. The editorial team is highly qualified with good customer service.

Best Regards,

Sajid M. Sheikh

Senior Lecturer

Department of Electrical Engineering,

Faculty of Engineering and Technology,

University of Botswana,


March 24, 2014

Dr. Roya Naderi, Iran,

The International Academy of Science, Engineering and Technology (IASET) has truly established itself as a high-quality journal in a rapidly emerging area of basic and advanced research in the field of engineering and science. Importantly, the Journal operates with a scientist-run editorial and reviewing process. The intellectual productions, the review processes, and the published works do not differ at all, from any other ranked academic journals.

Best regards,

Roya Naderi

Electrical Department

Islamic Azad University,

Heris Branch,



March 24, 2014

Dr. Zarife Gashi, Kosovo

The work that Academy of Science, Engineering and Technology (IASET) is doing is a great example of how a science journal should be.

All the information were in the right time and in the right place.

The service that IASET provides is valuable and editorial board is so organized that there is no need to wait a long for publishing the paper.

I enjoyed the service, therefore, I’m looking forward to send new papers by the end of summer.

This is the greatest thing and a big benefit for the authors and new scientists all around the world.


Zarife Gashi


Department of Materials and Metallurgy

Pristina, Republic of Kosovo

March 24, 2014

Dr. Eman A. Hussain, Iraq

The service that IASET provides is both valuable and important. The editorial board was organized to solicit excellent papers worldwide, the members of which are well known scientists in different fields of science and engineering. I enjoyed the service of the editorial board of IASET.

With regard to the production of the Journals, it was a wonderfully directing particularly the marking of Impact Factor on the cover of the Journal .The printing is invaluable, and I expect a rapid deployment of the Journals for entire world if IASET try to keep the current pattern and context of the working in a growing activity .

Best Regards

Dr. Eman A. Hussain

Assistant Professor in Applied Math,

Department of Mathematics,

College of Science,

AL-Mustansiriyah University.



March 24, 2014

Prof. Chintha Jayasinghe, Sri Lanka

I am really impressed about the pace of review process of IASET Civil Engineering journal. Articles submitted to this open – access peer reviewed journal took the shortest duration for the entire process of publishing while maintaining the international standards. I appreciate the service provided by IASET in scholarly publishing. The intellectual knowledge dissemination done by IASET is remarkable since the work is published when the research area is being discussed among the scientific community. I am sure the innovative approach taken by the IASET journals will certainly help the scientific community to contribute their knowledge with latest findings to resolve global problems. 

Best regards.

Chintha Jayasinghe (Director- Postgraduate Studies, Faculty of Engineering)


Department of Civil Engineering,

University of Moratuwa,

Sri Lanka.

March 24, 2014

Dr. Mihir Kanti Sarkar, Bangladesh

What International Academy of Science, Engineering and Technology (IASET) is doing is really excellent, I wholeheartedly support the open-access peer-reviewed journals that IASET publishes. The service that IASET provides is both valuable and visionary.  I enjoyed the service of the editorial board of IASET. The intellectual productions, the review processes, and the published works do not differ at all, from any other ranked academic journals.


Mihir Kanti Sarkar

Assistant Programmer,

Computer and GIS Unit,

Bangladesh Agricultural Research Council (BARC)

Farmgate, Dhaka- 1215,


March 24, 2014

Prof. Dr. Murtaza Bin Haji Mustafa, Malaysia

This is to certify that I have been a contributory author to IASET Journal for about two years. IASET-a peer review Journal that provides excellent publishing services to the researchers in medical, scientific and health sciences. Quality of articles published are at par with other International Journals. I congratulate the Editorial board for making bold decisions with respect to timelines, review and publishing process .Editorial Board as always welcomed ideas and suggestions. I have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending IASET Journals to researchers, academics and healthcare workers to join efforts in supporting IASET.

Prof. Dr. Murtaza Bin Haji Mustafa,

School of Medicine,

University Malaysia Sabah,

Kota Kinabalu Sabah Malaysia

March 24, 2014

Dr. Irfan Jamil, China

International Academy of Science, Engineering and Technology (IASET) publisher run good quality academic journals which I use as reference supporting material today. What is particularly appealing to me is that the strong peer to peer review &  fast publication process. The quality of the published research material is steadily improving over time in IASET. IASET special issue invites research papers from the International conference, symposium, Seminar which is conducted by international research institutes & universities



Irfan Jamil

Research Student,

Department of Energy & Electrical Engineering

Hohai University, Nanjing China