IEEE Civil

1.Design and analysis of foot over bridge by using staad pro

2.Design and analysis of earthquake resistant structure

3.Design and analysis of auditorium building with seismic

4.Modeling and analysis of hybrid composite joint using fem in Ansys

5.Design and analysis of airport pavement by using staad pro

6.Design and analysis of airport terminal building by using staad pro

7.Analysis of multi objective optimal seismic design of buildings with advanced engineering Materials

8.Analysis of seismic design of composite steel deck and concrete - filled diaphragms using stadd pro

9.Analysis of admixtures and their effects of silica fumes, metakaolin and PFA on the air content of concrete

10.High end solution for advanced civil engineering project

11.Damping of composite material structures with rivet joint

12.Dynamic analysis of flanged shear wall using stadd pro

13.Finite element analysis of a natural fiber (maize) composite beam

14.Advanced cable stayed bridge construction process analysis with ansys

15.Prediction of deflection and stress of laminated composite plate with artificial neural Network aid

16.Design and analysis of hybrid composite lap joint using fem

17.Analysis of delaminated buckling composite panel by using fem

18.Crack identification in reinforced concrete beams using ansys software

19.Nonlinear analysis of reinforced concrete column with fiber reinforced polymer bars

20.Investigation of the behavior for reinforced concrete beam using nonlinear three Dimensional finite elements

21.Fem modeling and analysis of reinforced concrete section with light weight blocks infill

22.Design and analysis of five star hotel building

23.Earth quake analysis of structure by using isolation techniques in sap

24.Analysis of three dimensional horizontal reinforced concrete curved beam using ansys

25.Design and analysis chimney

26.Design and Analysis Sea/railway Bridge

27.Design and analysis tunnel

28.Design and analysis five star hotel building

29.Bridge in hilly region analysis and design

30.Design and analysis multi car parking

31.Design and analysis multi bike parking

32.Seismic analysis of interlocking blocks in walls

33.Pushover analysis –cyclic loading deterioration effect in RC moment frames

34.Design and analysis of water cooling tower

35.Analysis of large dynamic structure in environment study

36.Design and analysis of light house using staad pro

37.Design and analysis prefabricated multi story structure

38.Design and analysis of runway pavement

39.Design and analysis of mobile phone tower

40.Design and analysis of airport terminal building

41.Design and analysis of pentagon shopping mall

42.Design and analysis of lighting tower building

43.Design and analysis of earth quake resistance building

44.Design and analysis of ring road bridge for Salem

45.Design and analysis of modern indoor stadium

46.Design and analysis of multi storey bus stand for Salem city

47.Design and analysis of factory building

48.Design and analysis of girls hostel building

49.Design and analysis of retaining wall

50.Design and analysis of agricultural college building

51.Design and analysis of multistory veterinary hospital building

52.Design and analysis silos for cement factory

53.Design and analysis multi storey apartment building

54.Design and analysis multi storey bus stand

55.Design and analysis domed water tank for a city

56.Design and analysis factory building

57.Commercial complex with highway bridge analysis and design by using staad pro

58.Design and analysis suspension Cable Bridge

59.Design and analysis swimming pool by using staad pro

60.Design and analysis T-beam Bridge

61.Design and analysis of hemispherical building

62.Design and analysis clock tower building

63.Design and analysis of tidal / it park building

64.Design and analysis aqueduct structure

65.Design and analysis of skyscraper building

66.Design and analysis international school building

67.Design and analysis of prefabricated Chennai silks

68.Design and analysis of water treatment plant

69.Strength studies of burnt clay brick hollow masonry wall using rat trap bond

70.Studies on application of cuddaph stone for composite t beam using r c c web water proof course

71.Study of the behavior of composite Ferro cement short columns in compression

72.An experimental study on circularly prestressed Ferro cement pressure pipes

73.Design and analysis of multi theater building

74.Design and analysis of stock exchange building

75.Design and analysis of commercial mansion building

76.Design and analysis of warehouse by using staad pro

77.Design and analysis of fly over bridge

78.Low cost grain storage structure

79.Composite T beam roofing with ferrocemnt

80.An experimental study of precast Ferro cement roofing element

81.Design and construction of precast hyperbolic parabolic shell roof for bus stop shelter

82.An experimental study of flexural behavior of soluble reinforced concrete rectangular Beams with bundled HYSD bars

83.An experimental study of precast Ferro cement stair elements

84.Case study on building cracks and causes and its prevention

85.Design and estimation of ready mix concrete plants

86.Behaviors of masonry wall subjected to dynamic load

87.Structural analysis using finite element method

88.Behaviors of RCC members under combined torsion, flexure and shear

89.A comprehensive approach for analysis and design of a multistoried building using staadpro

90.Studies on sleeved composite columns for seismic resistant industrial structures

91.Experimental studies on structural behavior of composite slabs

92.Studies on ductility of reinforced concrete beams in shear

93.A Study on Strengthening of Joints in Multi-Storey RC Structures Subjected to Seismic Loading

94.Seismic Strengthening of Exterior Beam Column Joints

95.Seismic Soil-Structure Interaction Analysis of Tall Slender Structures

96.Pseudo- Static Analysis of Nailed Steep Slopes

97.Cyclic Pullout Resistance Test for Geosynthetics

98.Leak Detection In Water Distribution Network

99.Dynamic effect of pile driving on adjutants structures

100.Seismic strengthening of RC beam column joints with new detailing pattern