April 03, 2017

V. Chandar, M.Sc., M.Phil., India

The International Academy of Science, Engineering and Technology (IASET) is doing a great job in the field of paper publication. The time it takes to review a paper is reasonable and the way it communicating to the authors is highly commendable. The editorial board is more flexible in accommodating requests raised by the scholars. The intellectual productions, the review processes, and the process of publication are appears to be more smoothen and prompt compared to other ranked academic journals. On the whole, I really enjoyed the service of the editorial board of IASET. The quality of publishing and the format of printing are appear to be so good for reading. In addition, the hard copy of the published papers received from the editorial board contains research papers from various concepts of Mathematics and Statistics, which is really excellent to read. Going forward, I am going to send at least one paper once in six months to be published in the area of Statistics in IASET.

V. Chandar, M.Sc., M.Phil.,
Research Scholar,
Dept. of Statistics, Loyola College,
Chennai – 600 034

April 03, 2017

Gurinderdeep Singh, India

In the field of research, International Academy of Science, Engineering and Technology (IASET) covers the number of Academic Journal in terms of multidisciplinary branches as engineering, management and Sciences as well performing a marvellous work within the very short time and great work with the collaboration of the Editorial members. I experience during publication the response was quick and accommodating nature with authors via mail. Electronically this journal also maintains the good high Impact factor of 3.68 in terms of all journals.

With regards
Gurinderdeep Singh
Assistant Professor
Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Drug Research
Punjabi University Patiala

April 03, 2017

Whitehead Zikhali, United Nations

The International Academy of Science, Engineering and Technology (IASET) came to my knowledge when l was looking for A GOOD Journal to publish my paper. I searched through the internet (Google Scholar) and my attention was immediately captured by the IASET’w works and what they could do. I read through their stiff and strict conditions including their requirements. I tailor made my paper to suit their standards. I submitted my paper and it went through a rigorous and iterative process until it got published. I am proud to learn that this date, l got an email from the Editor that I have been crowned as the Best Paper Award Winner on the paper titled (An evaluation of conservation farming as a drive towards sustainable agricultural production at Sivomo area, Nkayi District, Zimbabwe. I am so proud to be associated withIASET. Maintain your professionalism and best standards as you are currently doing for the betterment of College and University students, Academics, Researchers and other humans thirsty for knowledge.


Whitehead Zikhali, PhD
Information Analyst, Research and Reports Officer, United Nations

April 03, 2017

Reshmi. R, India

It is such an honor to have my work accepted for publication and selecting my article for best paper award in a premier journal like International Journal of Business and General Management (IASET).  Let me congratulate the editorial board for the excellent quality of publication. The style and the language used, the quality of print and the whole of the communication process with the editorial board is remarkable.  I am quite satisfied with your prompt publications, effectiveness and earnestness.  The Journal staff are doing an outstanding job and should be commended for your efforts to publish scholarly contributions from researchers in the areas of science, engineering and management.


Reshmi. R
Assistant Professor (FDP)
Department of Commerce & Management Studies
Farook College
Kerala State

February 12, 2017


INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF HUMANITIES AND SOCIAL SCIENCES (IJHSS) is an indexed journal provides an opportunity for academics round the world to published their unleash scientific research. The well renowned editorial board of the IASET selected an array of best research articles which give novel insights in the respective fields. Reliability and very quick method of peer review process is given immense relief to the author. I am very much appreciated the service of editorial board. Furthermore I wouldlike to strongly recommend that IASET is one of the most recognized scientific indexed journals that cater world recognized academics and lime lighting their professional career. I wish all the success in their future endeavor.

Best Regards,  

Dr. Priyanka Virajini Medagerdara Karunaratne

PhD in Integrated Design (Moratuwa)PG Cert, Teaching,
Learning in Art, Design & Communication,
University of the Arts London (United Kingdom),B.A( Hons) Fine Arts (Peradeniya).

Senior Lecturer in Fashion Design and Product Development

Department of Textile and Clothing Technology

Faculty of Engineering

University of Moratuwa

Sri Lanka. 



February 06, 2017

Dr. Jollie N. Alson

The paper was well – accommodated by the publication. Published on-time in both print and on-line versions which contains accurate details of the original manuscript. Overall, the journal focused on fast and rigorous review process ensured relevancy, adequacy and originality of the topic

Best Regards,

Dr. Jollie N. Alson

Director, Research and Industry Linkages                  

University of Perpetual Help System

Calamba City, Laguna, Philippines 

February 05, 2017

Dr. Kwadwo Ameyaw Korsah

I am highly motivated by the activities of the International Academy of Science, Engineering and Technology (IASET). This is because they have dedicated so much effort into the publication of research papers in the open-access peer-reviewed journals of varied disciplines. This is truly a very vital means by which the work of scholars will be propagated globally. The editorial board is highly appreciated and commended for their wonderful and excellent work they are doing as research papers submitted from different parts of the world are read, scrutinized and published on time. This is really amazing and I am proud of IASET. I have adored the services of the editorial board of IASET and I believe that based on how IASET does review of articles submitted and subsequent timely publication, IASET has come to stay and I encourage other scholars to publish their papers in IASET journals. Long live IASET!! Long live Scholars.

Thank you and much regards.

Best Regards,

Dr. Kwadwo Ameyaw Korsah


Department of Adult Health School of Nursing University

Ghana Legon

E-mail: korsah19@yahoo.com


Mobile Phone: +233 (0) 243 547 317

February 03, 2017

Mercy Rani Yedidi

My first published work ever was with International Academy of Science, Engineering and Technology (IASET) in the year 2013. Ever since then, the journal has always been my guiding force to acquire and share knowledege and information to the international world. Being a teacher and a researcher the IASET has become of prime importance to me. It’s quick services with quality surprises me at all times and was recommended to my colleagues with all earnest.


Best Regards,

Mercy Rani Yedidi

Deputy Director of the Language Centre

Muscat College

Sultanate of Oman




December 07, 2016

Alnos Aly E. Hegazy

Surely, I liked the service of the editorial board of IASET. For many papers, IASET publishing is in short and quick time. Also, IASET provides the suitable accuracy in publications. Really, Service delivery, mail responses and quality are with a good attention and helpful. In addition to that, IASET have high quality of publishing and printing.     


Alnos Aly E. Hegazy

Associate Professor,

Geotechnical part,

Department of Civil Engineering

Benha Faculty of Engineering, Benha University, Benha 13512, Egypt.


Email: heazyalnos@yahoo.com

December 07, 2016

Farhana Haque

IASET (International Academy of Science, Engineering and Technology) has been achieved the magnificent success regarding high quality publication. I truly believe that, this is an acclaimed journal. In the field of research i do support IASET from the core of my heart. The tenacity regarding well organized publications from all over the world’s researchers, IASET journal did prove its commendable quality. I want to salute to their industrious nature of accomplishing the publication works. The editorial board members are also very intellectual and praiseworthy persons among other journals’ editorial members. I felt they really maintain the classy rules and regulations to uphold their journal as the best one in different fields of study such as science arts and commerce. IASET journal has established a strong platform for all the researchers in this world which is amazing in one word. As a researcher i am impressed by the entire process of publishing different countries outstanding research papers. Personally i have enjoyed the service of IASET journal. I wish and pray for more success of this journal because i feel that IASET is one of the best open access, peer-reviewed journal among other ranked journals. After going to the home page of IASET, any kind of researchers will feel this journal’s home page as the most ingenious and sophisticated homepage. Last but not the least i must say that IASET journal is an innovative journal for the researchers of this world from every perspectives.

 Best Regards,

Farhana Haque

Honoured with MA degree

Department of Arts and Humanities

Brac University

Mohakhali, Dhaka, Bangladesh


E-mail: dhak_121@yahoo.com