PhD Thesis Service

PhD Thesis Consultation Service

At IASET, we offer consultation services for PhD Thesis completion. We have a team of PhD guides specialised in all areas of research including arts, science, humanities, management, life sciences, pharma, engineering, information technology, medical, library science, sociology, law, biotechnology, soil studies, aviation, architecture and literature.

Our service is recommended for PhD scholars who face problem in any of the following aspects of research:

a)      Research Design

b)      Drafting of chapters

c)      Collecting data

d)      Data Analysis using SPSS STATA AMOS

e)      Implementation using Matlab, NS2, ANSYS, Labview, Simulink

f)       Revisions/corrections

g)      Editing/Proofreading

We follow a collaborative approach to consulting service for PhD research and encourage discussions between the consultant and PhD scholar. Our services include detailed thought clearing, preparation for defense and explanation of the key aspects of research.

Our service is comprehensive and includes all aspects of research consultation. Our consultants assist strategically and suggest on areas like minor modifications in the topic, organising your reference documents, improving your understand of methodology and statistics and developing a roadmap for research completion.

A PhD scholar must remain open to positive criticism throughout the course as his writings and ideas will be challenged and criticised in all forums in private and public. Our consultants infuse the necessary confidence to handle criticism and how to overcome the same with contributing research results.

Writing the thesis is a process which has to be completed while doing the research. Our consultants help you with reference writing and help with developmental editing of your work so that language does not become a barrier in your completing your thesis.

PhD Thesis Topic and Synopsis Help 


At IASET, we offer guidance for selection of topic for your PhD and later with developing the synopsis document as well. 
Here are the details of our Topic Consultation Package

What we provide?

1. Two original and viable topics related to the area of your research.
2. 200 words overview on the topic selected by you.
3. Support in developing Statement of Problem for your research on the selected topic.
4. Base paper finalization.

We Guarantee:

1. PhD consultant in the area of your research would suggest topics
2. Topics would be original yet viable to be completed
3. 5 days of turnaround time
4. Min 10 appropriate references will be provided
What we require from you:

1. Your area of interest
2. Your resume
PhD Synopsis or Proposal Service includes the following:

What we provide?

1. Consultation on research design
2. Framework or model discussions
3. Preliminary research gap
4. Drafting of proposal
5. Revisions for up to 1 month

We Guarantee:

1. Original and novel idea for PhD research
2. Supporting reference documents as pdf's
3. English grammar error free
4. Peer Review by a relevant reviewer

What we require from you:

1. Details of the topic
2. Format or structure of the synopsis
3. Any key details of the topic like region or company you wish to focus on.

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