Company Profile

International Academy of Science, Engineering and Technology (IASET) is an academy that has been established with the primary objective of providing unconventional training and consulting services for the valued customers in Education Management & Research Consulting domain. We provide comprehensive training in Education Management & Research Consulting in many global delivery models such as online, onsite, offshore that answer all the training needs of individuals and organizations across the globe. 


IASET is pioneer in the arena of Research Consulting & Training services with its strategically developed strong team of trainers, faculty, and subject matter experts supported by world-class training infrastructure and supporting software & applications. IASET is an academy which nurtures scholarly open access, peer-reviewed, quarterly, interdisciplinary and refereed international and national journals focusing on latest state-of-the art technologies in science, engineering, management, humanities and technology disciplines. The objectives of academy are solely centred round the welfare and humane attitude of the founders who enthusiastically took up this noble cause and materialized it with a view to promote research activities for the encouragement of research scholars and scientists to develop their knowledge and also to publish their views in international Journals.


IASET, the only premier and high quality English Language Journal of multidisciplinary fields published in USA and India, is an international forum for scientists and engineers to publish high quality, original and refereed papers.. The papers for publication in IASET are selected through rigorous peer reviews to ensure originality, timeliness, relevance, and readability.


IASET covers all areas of sciences, engineering and management systems, publishing refereed research articles, survey articles, and technical notes. IASET reviews papers within 10 days of submission and publishes accepted article on the internet immediately upon receiving the final versions and publication charge. IASET holds a number of academic journals, covering Science, Humanities, Engineering, Technology, and Management. All the submissions to these journals will be subjected to peer-reviews, and the published ones are open-access and are accessible to everyone.


Online Education is the mantra of the world


Busy professionals with little time to take traditional classes will really benefit from our online training courses since they can work learning into their schedules whenever time allows for it. Learning from online courses is actually becoming a very popular way to learn new things!


If you're looking for proof of professional achievement and want to increase your opportunities for advancement while increasing your skill set, distance and online modes of learning are the most convenient avenue to achieve those objectives. We propose to offer complete e-learning source for certificate courses in Journal Production, Copy Editing, Research Methodology, Journal Composition, Journal Reproduction, Journal Distribution  etc.,


This online Research Journal Production and Composition training programs are designed to provide rich learning experience for the research scholars / scientists / Research institutions using Internet. Through our online training programs, we are glad to be of service to our scholars. We provide personalized Online Training courses which are of one to two hours duration conducted thru WebEx sessions each on the days most suited to the scholars.


We are dedicated to providing the computer professional with high quality self-study training and certification materials. e-learning Centre offers extensive training packages for Certification Training and we also offer free online courses for your it certification training. At the end of the course, we provide certificate of completion provided the assessment scores are in favour of the scholars.