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Sl No Issue Date Vol - Issue Title Abstract Author Page No
1. Jun-30 2016 1-1 Climate Change, Soil Temperature and Cassava Yield in Abia State, Southeastern Nigeria Abstract

Nwagbara, Moses Okemini & Uzowulu, Onyinyechi

2. Jun-30 2016 1-1 Review in Carboxylic Acids and its Derivatives Abstract

Nagham Mahmood Aljamali

3. Jun-30 2016 1-1 Studies on Growth and Seed Production Pattern in Billy Goat Weed (Ageratum Conyzoides L.) in Plantation Crops in Hill Zone of Karnataka Abstract

K. V. Shivakumar, G. K. Halesh, Mahadev J & Muniswamappa M. V

4. Jun-30 2016 1-1 The Third Nutrition of Life Abstract

Gonghuang Cheng

5. Jun-30 2016 1-1 Influence of Pruning Level on Bud Fertilities in Flame Seedless and Sharad Seedless Grape Varieties under Mild Tropics Abstract

Mohammad Gulab Omari, Rashad Ahmad Sherzad & M. K. Honnabyraiah

6. Jun-30 2016 1-1 Effect of Pinching Levels on Sub Can Development in Flame Seedless and Sharad Seedless Abstract

Mohammad Gulab Omari, Rashad Ahmad Sherzad and Dr. M. K. Honnabyraiah

7. Dec-31 2016 1-2 Performance of True Potato Seed (TPS) Hybrids in Gangetic Alluvial Zone of West Bengal Abstract

Vivekananda Mandi, Sudeshna Panja, C. Bhattacharya & K. K. Sarkar

8. Dec-31 2016 1-2 Comparative Analysis of Water Supply and Crop Demand under Public and Civil Canal Irrigation Systems in Peshawar Abstract

Rabnawaz, Muhammad Jamal Khan, & Tahir Sarwar

9. Dec-31 2016 1-2 A Report on the Rare Occurrence of Phthirus Pubis, the Human Pubic Louse or Crab Louse in a Two Year Old Male German Shepherd Dog Abstract

A. Sangaran & S. T. Bino Sundar

10. Dec-31 2016 1-2 Genetic Variability and Heritability of Traits for Sugarcane (Saccharum Officinarum L.) Genotypes Under Three Soil Types Abstract

Shitahun Alemu & Feyissa Tadesse


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