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International Journal of General Engineering and Technology (IJGET) ;   ISSN(Print):2278-9928 ;   ISSN(Online): 2278-9936 ;  Impact Factor(JCC): 3.7056;   NAAS Rating : 2.07 ;  ICV : 49.07 ;

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Sl No Issue Date Vol - Issue Title Abstract Author Page No
1. Jan-31 2016 5-1 Comparative Surface Damage Determination at a Jewish Grave Using Two Different Mobile Ultrasonic Velocity Devices Abstract

Christaras V, Moropoulou An, Chatziangelou M, Dimitraki L & Devlioti K

2. Jan-31 2016 5-1 Performance And Combustion Characteristics Of A Low Heat Rejection Diesel Engine With Carbureted Ethanol And Jatropha Oil Abstract

M.V.S. Murali Krishna, P.V.K. Murthy &V.V. R. Seshagiri Rao

3. Jan-31 2016 5-1 Cracking and Torsional Ductility Behavior of HSC Beams Abstract

M R Prakash, Sadanand P, Manjunath H R,Jagadeesh Kumar B G & Prabhakarar

4. Jan-31 2016 5-1 Estimating the Number of Generations in a Human Genetic Process Abstract

Narendra Bahadur Singh

5. Mar-31 2016 5-2 Experimental Investigation Of Performance Parameters Of Single Cylinder Four Stroke Di Diesel Engine Operating On Neem Oil Biodiesel Blends Abstract

Dharmendra Yadav &Nitin

6. Mar-31 2016 5-2 Utilization of Fly Ash and Hydrated Lime for Reclamation of Municipal Dumping Ground Abstract

Mukesh A. Patel & H.S. Patel

7. Mar-31 2016 5-2 Enhancing User Adoption for Service Oriented Business Model through Semantically Annotated and Extended Association Rule Mining in Slaky Composer System Abstract

P. Sandhya & M. Lakshmi

8. May-31 2016 5-3 On the Derivative of Slow Growth of Analytic Functions in the Half Plane Abstract

Anupma Rastogi

9. May-31 2016 5-3 Shadow Detection and Reconstruction of Images from Satellite Images: GIS Abstract

Gayatri Gurav, M. B Limkar &Sanjay M. Hundiwale

10. May-31 2016 5-3 A New Tool Using Simulation and Optimization of Solar Adsorption Cooling Technique Abstract

N. Saravanan & R. Rathnasamy

11. May-31 2016 5-3 Generating Auto Text Summarization from Document Using Clustering Abstract

Jaya D. Kapoor & Kailas K.Devadkar

12. Jul-31 2016 5-4 Port State Control Goals, Implementation and Achievements Abstract

Salah Eldin Farag

13. Jul-31 2016 5-4 Experimental Determination of Diffusion Coefficients in Liquid Mixtures in a Laboratory of Transport Phenomena Abstract

Antonio Valiente Barderas

14. Sep-30 2016 5-5 Aviation Safety: Perspective of United Arab Emirates Abstract

Sarath Raj N. S & Geetanjali R Chandra

15. Sep-30 2016 5-5 The Use of Simulation Techniques in the Development of Non-Technical Skills for Marine Officers Abstract

Magdy Ali Elashkar


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