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International Journal of Applied and Natural Sciences (IJANS) ;   ISSN(Print):2319-4014 ;   ISSN(Online): 2319-4022 ;  Impact Factor(JCC): 5.0273;   NAAS Rating : 3.73 ;  ICV : 58.98 ;

Archive Files

Sl No Issue Date Vol - Issue Title Abstract Author Page No
1. Mar-31 2016 1-1 Effect of Flavour Load and Inlet Air Temperature on Microencapsulation of Vanilla Extract with Maltodextrin as Wall Material Abstract

Sariga S & Prince M. V

2. Nov-30 2016 21-32 Role of Plant Growth Regulators in Grape Production: A Review Abstract

V. Phani Deepthi

3. Jan-31 2016 5-1 Changing Morphological View of Nayachara Tail Using Geoinformatics Abstract

Subhanil Guha

4. Jan-31 2016 5-1 Fractal Dimension of Viscous Fingering Pattern from two Viscous Oils Abstract

Yusuf H Shaikh, Wasim Ahmed Hydery, Gulam Rabbani & A. R Khan 

5. Jan-31 2016 5-1 A Study of the Biology and Physiology of Helminthosporium Bicolor Isolated from Stenotaphrum Secundatum Abstract

Gnancadja S. Leopold, Dannon Elie, Gandonou Christophe,Faton M. O. Euloge & Toukourou Fatiou

6. Jan-31 2016 5-1 Attractor Behavior of Carriers Population and Photon-Assisted Polarization in Semiconductor QDL Abstract

Ra'ed M. Hassan

7. Jan-31 2016 5-1 Growth and Characterization of ZnSe Nanomaterials by a Cost Effective Chemical Reduction Method Abstract

Satyajit Saha, Tapan Kumar Das & Rahul Bhattacharya

8. Jan-31 2016 5-1 Experimental Analysis of Exclusive or Phase Locked Loop (PLL) Abstract

W. Igoniye, O. I. Horsfall & S. Taylor-Harry

9. Jan-31 2016 5-1 Precursors and Medium Effect on Zinc Oxide Nanoparticles Synthesized by Solgel Process Abstract

A. Vanaja & K. Srinivasa Rao

10. Jan-31 2016 5-1 Interfacial Strucure of Oxynitride Layer on SI(100) With Plasma-Excited N2O Abstract

Y. Enta

11. Jan-31 2016 5-1 A Study on the Mitochondrial Coi Dna Sequence and Phylogenetic Status of Anastatus Bangalorensis Mani & Kurian and Anastatus Acherontiae Narayanan, Subba Rao & Ramachandra Rao (Hymenoptera: Eupelmidae) Abstract

Rukhsana, K. & Sebastian, C. D

12. Jan-31 2016 5-1 Profitable Exploitation of Coffee Pulp- A Review Abstract

Adwitiya Das & N. Venkatachalapathy

13. Jan-31 2016 5-1 Synthesis, Characterization and Electrical Properties of Bridged Tetrapyrazino Porphrazine Iron (II) Abstract

Nazar A. Hussein & Mustafa H. Moker

14. Jan-31 2016 5-1 Assessment of Variation in Biochemical Markers of Renal Function in Thyroid Disorders Abstract

Gulab Kanwar & Monika Shekhawat

15. Jan-31 2016 5-1 Antiproliferatic Effect of Aqueous Extracts of Aloe Vera Leaves on Vero Cell Line Abstract

D. S. Kumara Wodeyar, A. M. Kotresh, V. Umapathi & Anantha Krishna L. R


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