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International Journal of Mechanical Engineering (IJME) ;   ISSN(Print):2319-2240 ;   ISSN(Online): 2319-2259 ;  Impact Factor(JCC): 5.2089;   NAAS Rating : 3.30 ;  ICV : 49.98 ;

Archive Files

Sl No Issue Date Vol - Issue Title Abstract Author Page No
1. Jan-31 2016 5-1 Static Structural Analysis of Caterpillar D70 Forklift with Different Materials Applied to Mast and Arms Assembly Abstract

Haydar Shamkhi Jaber Alsalami

2. Jan-31 2016 5-1 Influence of Specimen Geometry and Lubrication Conditions on the Compression behavior of Aa6066 Aluminum Alloy Abstract

Osama Mohamed Irfan

3. Jan-31 2016 5-1 Comparison between the One Piezoelectric Actuator and the Two Ones on Vibration Control of a Flexible Two-Link Manipulator Using Finite Element Method Abstract

Abdul Kadir Muhammad, Shingo Okamoto & Jae Hoon Lee

4. Jan-31 2016 5-1 The Impact of Low Efficient Evacuation Plan during Costa Concordia Accident Abstract

Mohamed Nabil Elnabawybahriz & Mohamed Hussein Nassar Hassan

5. Jan-31 2016 5-1 The Investigation of the Mechanical Properties of Foods when Spooning up Foods for Meal Supporting Equipment Abstract

Takeshi Yamasaki, Kazuhito Fujiwara, Fumiko Kawashima & Hidehiro Hata

6. Jan-31 2016 5-1 Modelling & Analysis of 'Astm 500 Grade B' Weldments Abstract

Alladi Prem Kumar & Ch. Siva Ramakrishna

7. Jan-31 2016 5-1 Aerodynamic Analysis of Return Channel Vanes in Centrifugal Compressors Abstract

P. Ravinder Reddy & M. Saikiran

8. Jan-31 2016 5-1 Regression Analysis of Coupling Effects of Thermal and External Forces on a Precision Machine Center Abstract

Ko-Ming Ni

9. Jan-31 2016 5-1 Electronic Chart Display And information System (ECDIS) Legal Aspects and Case Study on Cslthames Abstract

Tawfik Mostafa Khattab & Eslam Mostafa Gaber

10. Jan-31 2016 5-1 Static Analysis, Modal Analysis and Design Modification in Chassis Frame to Optimize Weight by using Composite Material Abstract

Archit Tomar & Dheer Singh

11. Jan-31 2016 5-1 A Need for Maritime Spatial Planning in the Arctic: A Proposal for Establishing a Marine Protected Area Network Abstract

Mohamed Nabil Bahriz & Mohamed Hussein Nassar

12. Jan-31 2016 5-1 Climate Change Impact on Arctic Region Abstract

Mohamed Abdel Fattah Omar & Omar El-Baroudy

13. Jan-31 2016 5-1 Thermal Energy Analysis of Solar Powered Vapour Absorption Cooling System Abstract

Judal AL, Bhadania AG & Chaudhari PR

14. Mar-31 2016 5-2 Effect of Boron Content on Metallurgical and Mechanical Characteristics of Low Carbon Steel Abstract

M. El-Shennawy, A. I.Farahat, M. I. Masoud & A. I. Abdel-Aziz

15. May-31 2016 5-3 Exploiting Underutilised Waste Heat to Generate Environmental Friendly Energy Abstract

Ol Ayodele & Mte Kahn


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