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International Journal of Sales & Marketing Management (IJSMM) ;   ISSN(Print):2319-4898;   ISSN(Online): 2319-4901 ;  Impact Factor(JCC): 4.9956;   NAAS Rating : 2.08 ;  ICV : 54.97 ;

Archive Files

Sl No Issue Date Vol - Issue Title Abstract Author Page No
1. Jan-31 2016 5-1 The Basic Notions of Innovation: What We Know So Far Abstract

Olutayo Otubanjo

2. Jan-31 2016 5-1 Facets of Organizational Transformation: An Update Abstract

Olutayo Otubanjo

3. Jan-31 2016 5-1 Operationalizing the Chandlerean Semiotic Process Through the Deconstruction of First Bank’sclassic Corporate Advertising Text Abstract

Olutayo Otubanjo

4. Mar-31 2016 5-2 Examining the Relationship Between Behaviour of Men and their Exclusive Preferences towards Casual Shoes Abstract

Uma V.R & M. I. Saifil Ali

5. Mar-31 2016 5-2 Operationalizing Critical Hermeneutics Through the Deconstruction of Union Bank Nigeria Plc’s Classic Corporate Advertising Text Abstract

Olutayo Otubanjo

6. May-31 2016 5-3 Role of Information Technology and Analysis of Various Frameworks in Customer Relationship Management Abstract

R. Hemanth Babu, T. Raja Reddy & N. Giri Babu

7. May-31 2016 5-3 A Study on The Impact of Celebrity Endorsement on Advertisement and Credibility Perception of Consumer Towards Various Media Abstract

A. Pughazhendi ,D. Suharani Ravindran & R.N. Balamurugan

8. May-31 2016 5-3 Brand Preference Towards Water Filters – An Analysis Abstract

M. Nandhini, M. Usha & P. Palanivelu

9. May-31 2016 5-3 Measuring the Impact of Organizational Justice on Sale Force Motivation Abstract

Sheikh Raheel Manzoor & Murad Hussain

10. Jul-31 2016 5-4 Profile of Pre Owned Car Consumers of Kerala Abstract

Deepthi Sankar

11. Sep-30 2016 5-5 Creation of Designs by Adaptation of Madhubani Painting Motifs Abstract

Sodhi S, Arya N & Yadav N

12. Sep-30 2016 5-5 Unorganized Retailors Buying Pattern with Special Reference to Non Alcoholic Drinks: A Study in Bangalore Abstract

Tripuraneni Jaggaiah

13. Sep-30 2016 5-5 Challenges of Adoption and Acceptance of E-Procurement on Supply Chain Management Practices in Multinational Companies in the Oil and Gas Industry. (The Case of Developing Countries - Eni Oil Exploration Company – Ghana) Abstract

Ujakpa M. M, R. Arora, Fianko K.S & Asirifi G. O

14. Nov-30 2016 5-6 Reduction of Assembly Time in RAPMAN 3.1 3d Printer by Redesign of One of the Eight Corners by using DFMA Method Abstract

Ahmed Mohamed Wahba El Hadad & Ahmad Humaizi Bin Hilmi


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