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Sl No Issue Date Vol - Issue Title Abstract Author Page No
1. Jun-30 2016 1-1 Assessment of Groat Nutritional Aspect of New Developed Oat Hexaploid Lines Through Interspecific Cross with the Tetraploid Oat A. Murphyi Abstract

Saidi N, A. Hilali, N. Shaimi,C. Al Faiz & G. Ladizinsky

2. Jun-30 2016 2-1 Diabetes Mellitus-Foot Examination Foot Examination – Checking the Risk of Developing a Diabetic Foot Ulcer Abstract

U. Poongodi & Kalanitthi

3. Jun-30 2016 2-1 Case Study of Patient with Pulmonary Tuberculosis Abstract

Muhammad Rashad & Darakhshan

4. Jun-30 2016 2-1 Evaluation of Efficacy of Abha Guggulu with Placebo Controll Group in the Management of Asthi-Bhagna W. S. R. Long Bone Fracture Abstract

Kulshrestha Namrata, Baghel. V. S, Shukla Gyanendra Datta & Gupta Rachana

5. Jun-30 2016 2-1 Online Educational Resources Regarding the Prevention of Occupational Diseases Abstract

Aldo Tommaso Marrocco


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